Interested in a Medical Sales Career?

Sales Farm is a training organization that teaches you how to break into medical sales by offering in-person classes, in cities across the United States. Our team has over 40 years of experience in the field of medical sales management, recruiting, hiring, and training. We have worked for and with some of the most elite medical sales companies in the industry. You will be hard-pressed to find any organization that is more capable of helping you launch a long and lucrative career in medical sales.

What is the typical background for a medical sales professional?

Medical sales professionals come from a wide array of backgrounds, but the most common are, but not limited to, those with degrees in:
  • Business, Biosciences, Kinesiology, Communication, Health Care Administration, Science, Education, Athletes, Previous Military Experience, Previous Health Care Experience or almost any other successful Sales experience.
They don’t teach what we know in school! In fact, less than 4% of all business schools have any kind of a sales curriculum - much less one that teaches how to excel in high-end medical sales. Kelly and Barry have enjoyed a very successful medical sales career for many years and now they want you to benefit from what they have learned. They are indisputable experts in this field. Sales Farm is about combining experts in medical sales training, medical sales recruiting, and your passion to be a top medical sales performer.


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"I’m excited to recommend Relentless Recruiting for anyone who needs to find top talent in the BioPharma / Rare Disease industry. I have known Kelly Clark for over 20 years and he is one of the most driven, honest, & respected people in the medical sales industry. There are countless sales leaders who I personally know would echo the same feedback. I love the fact Kelly picked the word “Relentless” as the name of his company. That’s exactly who he is and not surprising Relentless Recruiting has become one of the most dominant recruiting firms in the medical sales industry."

- Julie E., Regional Sales Director

"I have known Kelly Clark for over a decade and we worked together as medical device managers prior to Kelly starting Relentless Recruiting. Kelly has built some of the strongest sales teams in the medical sales industry and won more awards than any other manager during his tenure. I don’t think it’s possible to find a recruiter who knows more about what makes great sales professionals than Kelly. Furthermore, the Relentless Recruiting team did an outstanding job building out our new sales force on a very short turnaround. All it takes is using them once and you will see the difference!"

- Kevin G. Regional Sales Director, Biologic Devices

"I have been in rare disease/specialty pharmaceutical recruiting for over 15 years. I can assure you Relentless Recruiting is one of the most sophisticated, honest, & respected firms in the recruiting industry. There is a reason why recruiters contact Relentless Recruiting when they need help finding talent with their own openings."

- John S., Executive Search Firm Owner

"I have spent over 20 years in the military and I can say Kelly Clark was one of the best officers I served with. We were stationed on a Coast Guard Cutter which patrolled the Bering Sea of Alaska. Needless to say, it’s easy to figure out someone’s true character and leadership abilities under harsh conditions. Kelly was one of the most respected officers on the cutter and it’s not surprising how successful he has become in his civilian career. Kelly has my highest recommendation as a person and a leader."

- Shad T., Commander, USCG

Learn from the Best

Kelly Clark

Owner of Sales Farm & Relentless Recruiting

For over 20 years, Kelly has dedicated his career to the medical sales industry. As an award-winning manager, Kelly has built, coached, and managed industry-leading sales teams.

As the proud owner of Relentless Recruiting, Kelly is not only finding top candidates for established market-leading medical sales organizations but is committed to helping people that are looking to begin a lucrative career in medical sales.

Barry Rogers

Owner Momentum Sales Group

Barry has helped major medical sales companies achieve their goals for almost 30 years. Hiring, coaching and developing salespeople is his passion. In fact, Barry developed a teachable, proven, and repeatable process that allows medical sales professionals to produce real results.

This experience, combined with Kelly’s expertise as a top medical sales recruiter uniquely qualifies Sales Farm to help you break into medical sales and give you the skills you need to thrive.

Partnered with some of the most world-renowned companies:


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